Welcome to Michael's Photos.

Free high quality downloads are available from South Australian sporting events. If you are a participant at one of the events we attend you will receive an email containing links to your personal images from the day.

We have been taking sports photography for over ten years and have an extensive library of images that will be added to this site in the coming months.

Thanks Michael Slagter.

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Welcome to Michael's Photos.

Are you tired of paying exorbitant prices for a photograph of yourself in a sports event that you’ve paid to enter? Ever wondered why it costs so much to get a photo? Me too.

Michael’s Photo’s is a new and unique sports photography service offering FREE high quality downloads from our website to participants of South Australian sporting events. We don’t charge for copyright; we believe the copyright should belong to the subject; you. And in this day and age of online technology, photography business costs are low and we chose to pass on these savings so the cost of providing our service becomes a viable “Value Adding” opportunity for sports events to offer to their participants. We believe, the cost for your photos should be included in your event fees.

In addition, we’ve tried to streamline our service to make it easier for you to find your photo’s. No more trawling through thousands of images just to find you. A couple of days after every event we automatically email you a link which takes you directly to your images. However, make sure you wear your event number on the front of your shirt during the event, as our system identifies you via this number and without it there is no telling who you are.

I’ve been taking sports photography for over ten years and as an ultra-marathon runner I know whilst it’s important to capture that moment you cross the finish line, it’s during the race where the true spirit, hurt, suffering, torture, jubilation and memorable moments really happen. So when you are out in the bush or on the long road with white line fever, look out for our Hi Vis vest and do try to smile!

Many thanks for using Michael’s Photos.

Michael Slagter

Attention Event organizers:

Depending on the size of the event the photographic expense for the event organizer could be below $2 per participant, not per photo.

Given the cost of events these days it represents a very small percentage of the entry fee. The participants could receive up to 10 high quality photos ready to download all for free. They also have the option to purchase hard copies.

For more information please contact Michael: Email Ph. 0412 106 339